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After touring the London gig circuit for a few years, More Ice and Honey are taking the next step – and they're bringing you along for the ride. Along with the recent release of their brand new singles, 'Stars Are in Your Eyes' and 'Daughters', they launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to record a whole album full of their original material, artfully produced and professionally distributed.

Formed in 2013 in a very special house in North London, More Ice and Honey have been showing their talents to the world ever since, performing at several venues across the city including Charlie Wright's, The Troubadour and Shoreditch's Bedroom Bar (where they recently launched their single). Fronted by singer Natalie Grefenstette, the band currently features guitarist Ivan Isakov, pianist Gwijde Maegherman, trumpeter Max Fagandini, saxophonist Sara Foitova, percussionist Charlie Egan, and cellist Otto Nuoranne, all coming together to provide MIAH's signature sound with their blend of jazzy harmonies, folky vibes and heartfelt yet incisive lyrics.

Not sure what to expect? Perhaps you should take a look at their new singles first. 'Stars Are in Your Eyes' and 'Daughters' were recorded at 123 Studios under the experienced eye of Brett Shaw. More Ice and Honey's iconic sound and line-up, featuring a blend of folk, jazz and latin influences and their choice of instrumentation that has become so recognisable, is now available to listen to on repeat with the launch of their long awaited first album "Where to Begin" (29/02/16).

Daughters - More Ice and Honey
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Gypsy/Folk/Jazz/Rock/World Music

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"More Ice and Honey weave together a web of mystery, stitched with jazz, folk, and Latin influences" "There is a cathartic release that can be had from tuning into mood-spinning music such as this" "More Ice and Honey are unique, refreshing, and definitely a band to look out for"No Depression

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